Credit for your trusted gaming wallet

Credit for your trusted gaming wallet

About Us

We’re the best gaming wallet in Malaysia that ensure your gaming experience is uninterrupted despite of the shortage of cash or funds. With our gaming wallet, you can easily get started at the best gaming sites and trading platform. Just top up funds from your bank accounts, cards or with our credit in no time at all and you can start playing to win!

The process of application is simple and easy to ensure our clients get a headstart in the gameplay experience. Credits are instantly updated to ensure you are never short of chips to make the next play. At WenoPay, we pride ourselves at providing you with the best gaming wallet service and easy credit for gaming.

Fast and Easy Approval

Easy online application with approval as fast as 30 minutes!

No Hidden Fee

No additional fees. You only pay what you see.

No Deposit or Guarantor Required

Hassle free to get advance credit to keep your gameplay uninterrupted.

24/7 Customer Support

No more delay in getting back into the game with our 24/7 customer service.

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How It Works


WenoPay is very easy to use. It helps me to start playing with my favourite online game without having to wait for my salary on the mid of every month.


It's easy to get credit to continue with my gameplay. It's also very easy to keep track on the repayment so I won't overspend either.

Ah Ming

IT Support
This gaming wallet is trustworthy and the approval was very fast. I thought I couldn't play over the weekend but the approval helps me to get back right into the game.

Jia Teng

The credit and approval was instantaneous and updated immediately. This helps me return to winning ways after a few bad hands over the weekend.


Fitness Trainer


Popular Questions

Advance Credit Applications



What are WenoPay Advance Credit limit?

WenoPay provides individuals with a Advance Credit platform. It now offers amount up to MYR20,000. When your application is approved, the Credit will be directly deposited into the e-wallet that you have registered.

How to apply for a WenoPay Advance Credit?

Kindly visit our website at or download WenoPay app from Google Play Store for fast Advance Credit.

Who is eligible for WenoPay Advance Credit services?

WenoPay offers Advance Credit services to MALAYSIANS aged 18 to 60 years.

Do I need a guarantor?

You do not need a guarantor to apply advance credit at WenoPay.

If my application is rejected, can I reapply?

Please check your NRIC and selfie video before resubmitting your application.

How to make payments?

A borrower can pay credit via two channels:
ⅰ. VPay88
ⅱ. Manual Transaction

What happens if a borrower fails to pay on time?

If a borrower fails to pay on time, his deposit will be forfeited and is required to pay a late payment fee of MYR85.

How to make a verification on a mobile phone?

Please enter your mobile number and wait for the SMS verification code sent by WenoPay. Enter the code to complete the verification.

How to change mobile number?

At this moment, our system does not support any changes to mobile number. Kindly contact our Customer Service if there are any changes.

Are you going to send me a repayment reminder?

WenoPay will send you an automated voice message to remind you for upcoming repayments. However, it is your responsibility to repay your advance credit on time.