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Company Profile

Vii Trading (001974705-P) is a locally incorporated company under the companies act 1965 section 16(4) of the Malaysian Law.

Vii Trading (001974705-P) was established in 24th February 2011 but NS Plastic & Metal Trading (001317810-P) was established in 2nd of October 2001 in response to high growing demand for recycling industry needs and the wholesale market for industrial waste products. We have developed strategic alliance with leading suppliers and buyers and gone through intensive industrial research.

We understand the industrial needs for proper waste disposal and with the acquired knowledge from local industrial attachment; we are confident and able to meet our customer needs.

Vii Trading (001974705-P) is fully committed in recycling plastic wastes into resins. Resins are used to manufacture plastic bags, household bags, plantation poly bags, agriculture bags, construction layers and etc.

Our current facilities which are located strategically in the new SEREMBAN SELATAN INDUSTRY AREA is adequate to facilitate the growing and challenging recycling industry for this new millennium.

As conclusion, we have developed our own strategy in buying and selling all kind of non- hazardous recycled plastics. It is our aim to act as a supporting industry to all manufactures, contractors and individuals in order to create a clean and safe working environment. Understanding and awareness of environmental issues by our staffs at all level being the motivating factor to deliver the best service to our customers.