What is a virtual
credit card?

A virtual credit card is a unique 16-digit card number that is digitally-generated and tied to your account. You can use a virtual credit card for online payments everywhere. This keeps your real card number protected and gives you better control.

SSwipe allows you to get a
virtual credit card for free.

Apply a virtual credit card for free.

Freeze individual cards.

Send payments with extra security.

Manage all subscription spending in one place.

Never go over budget with your spending again. Create a unique virtual credit card and limit your available funds. Card limits will be reset everymonth so you won’t get extra charges.

Gain visibility into every online purchase.

SSwipe platform shows you every single transaction. No more printing out digital receipts or filing an expense report for every recurring payment. With virtual credit cards, you gain real-time visibility into every transaction—as it happens.

Prevent fraud in a few clicks.

SSwipe virtual credit cards help protect you from overcharges and compromised accounts. Say goodye to complicated process flow that freezes your card and constantly puts your funds at risk.

With SSwipe virtual credit card, there is less likelihood of fraud and incidents like card loss will only have minor implications. For me, I feel a lot more comfortable now with SSwipe in terms of controls and security of our credit card numbers.

Marc Balcke

Corporate Controller


asked questions

Virtual credit cards are more secure as vendor fraud can be prevented, risk with subscriptions can be limited, and spending is under control.

You should use virtual credit cards whenever you shop online, make a one-time purchase, or pay for subscriptions.

Virtual credit cards are designed for online payment, but can be used over the phone or in stores where card numbers can be manually entered.

Virtual credit cards are safer than your plastic card, because they protect the original account numbers from being used. Virtual credit cards also offer greater control over spending and a faster process for detecting and stopping fraud.

You can set up a separate virtual credit card for each subscription, setting limits on how much can be charged and when the subscription should end. That means vendors can never overcharge you or renew your subscription unless you allow it.

SSwipe Credit Card is a convenient tool for cashless payments. It facilitates the purchase of any SSwipe insurance product. Using US Dollar as currency, SSwipe Credit Card is used for auto-billing and in-store purchases.

All SSwipe credit card applicants must be at least 21 years old & above, had registered in our website, with minimum purchase of 1 SSwipe premium.

a. Log into member.sswipe.co
b. Click on ‘Apply Credit Card’
c. Submit application form
d. Look for Wallet & Rewards under My Credit Card, click on Credit Card to check your application status

Photocopy of your NRIC (Front & Back) or Passport for international investors.

The credit card spending limit is set based on 80% of your budget in SSwipe.

You will receive a confirmation email within 7 to 10 days. For affirmation, please log into SSwipe website and check ‘SSwipe Credit Card Application Status’.

You can use it on any other third-party portals such as Canva, Grab, Nike, etc.

Your credit card will be freezed and you will need to contact customer service to unfreeze it.

You will be charge 10 USD for every cancellation of the card.

You will have to cancel your current card and apply for a new card.

Each user can only hold a maximum of 1 Visa Card & 1 Master Credit Card.