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We don’t make big claims. Simplyfaiz Aircond  expert delivers really cool results over the years to customers.

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We take pride in all our quality aircond servicing work.

Extended 30 days satisfaction guarantee for corporate client
A 15 days satisfaction guarantee for residential
Less than 2% call back for a warranty issue
Payment is made after service is done
No extra or hidden charges
No booking fees or advance payment
Never miss out on customer appointment

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What Makes Simplyfaiz Aircond Special

Aircond servicing is labor work and at the same time is an art form for us.

There are indeed people and talent with the patience, knowledge, skill, and artistic touch to uphold an aircon servicing that is both unique and efficient.

Quality of service and transparency are the key deliverables from all the service providers when providing service to both our residential clients and commercial business counterpart.

We have years of experience in everything that is related to HVAC systems. And most of which are gained from various types of aircon service fields.

All our technicians have got the expertise in servicing all different types of aircon service systems.


What Defines Our Aircon Service in KL

The air conditioning service can be defined as the process of maintaining the air conditioning system.

This includes cleaning the unit’s coils, and condenser, making sure that it is not leaking, replacing refrigerant and filters, etc.

People who provide this service are called HVAC technicians. We called ourselves “Shokunin”.

They are expected to have a good knowledge of HVAC systems and also some skills in electrical work, which is a must for all SimplyFaiz’s technicians.

The process of installing, maintaining, or repairing an air conditioner is what we do day in and day out.

Some people might think that this service is too complicated for them to do on their own because they lack expertise in electronics and other related fields of study. But it is certainly not for us.

This makes them hire Simplyfaiz Aircond to do it for them instead.

We go the extra mile

Our technicians will take care of every detail, from the initial inspection to the final clean-up.

“Simplyfaiz Aircond is a company that specializes in providing professional air conditioning services. We’re thorough and reliable, and our technicians are well-versed in all aspects of HVAC.”