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Let’s Digitalize Your Financial Activity

Let us give you the flexibility for cash advancement for gaming. We save all your hassle to contact bank, friends and family for the money. You can apply for quick money to continue your journey in the game.

Simplify application

With a simple application, you are good to go. Just upload the photo of your IC & submit for application. It is as easy as ABC!

Quick disbursement

We know you are eager to continue your game, so we give you quick disbursement. You can focus on strategizing your game plan.

Available for everyone

Regardless of your background or credit scoring, our solution is available for everyone.

Better user experience

We always hear from our users on their needs while using our platform. We constantly innovate our offerings to excite our users.


Register with your mobile number.


Complete your profile and selfie video.


Receive registration result within 30 minutes.


Transfer your credit to preferred accounts.


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Popular Questions

Loan Applications



What are OnsPay loan limit and loan term?

OnsPay provides individuals with a fast microfinance loan platform. It now offers loans up to MYR10,000 in monthly instalments for emergency assistances. When your application is approved, the loan will be directly deposited into the bank account or e-wallet that you have registered.

How to apply for a OnsPay loan?

Kindly visit our website at www.ons-pay.com or download OnsPay app from Google Play Store for fast loans.

Who is eligible for OnsPay loan services?

OnsPay offers loan services to MALAYSIANS aged 18 to 60 years.

Do I need a guarantor?

You do not need a guarantor to apply a loan at OnsPay.

If my application is rejected, can I reapply?

Please check your NRIC and selfie video before resubmitting your application.

How to make payments?

A borrower can pay loans via two channels:
ⅰ. VPay88
ⅱ. Manual Transaction

What happens if a borrower fails to pay on time?

If a borrower fails to pay on time, his deposit will be forfeited and is required to pay a late payment fee of MYR85.

How to make a verification on a mobile phone?

Please enter your mobile number and wait for the SMS verification code sent by OnsPay. Enter the code to complete the verification.

How to change mobile number?

At this moment, our system does not support any changes to mobile number. Kindly contact our Customer Service if there are any changes.

Are you going to send me a repayment reminder?

OnsPay will send you an automated voice message to remind you for upcoming repayments. However, it is your responsibility to repay your loan on time.

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Streamline Credit Transfer Via Mobile Phone

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