Discover the world’s most unique Japanese weight management system, combining modern light fasting, the black vinegar slimming method, and a proprietary ingredient blend. Experience optimal health and achieve your ideal weight with our innovative approach.

Introducing the power of Kurozu and a selection of patented and branded ingredients in our 4 Zenso products, meticulously crafted to support a healthy body weight. Unlock the secrets to maintaining balance and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  • Kuro Oiru – Fat Blocking Blend
  • Kuro Shuga – Carb Blocking Solution
  • Kuro Mizu – Diuretic Mix
  • Kuro Daitto – Meal Replacement Option

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Introducing MOVEON, the world’s premier nutrition formula for Osteoarthritis. This remarkable joint-restoring beverage is carefully crafted with 11 all-natural ingredients, including three internationally patented technologies. Reclaim your joint health today with MOVEON.

  • Discover the power of Ovomet® Eggshell Membrane Powder from Spain, the ultimate joint health nutrient. Support your joints with Ovomet® and feel the difference.
  • Unlock the potential of UC-II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen Powder from the United States, the ultimate solution for cartilage repair. Restore and promote healthy cartilage function with UC-II.
  • Experience the strength and vitality with BonePep™ Hydrolysed Egg Yolk Peptide from Japan, the solution for strong bones and osteoporosis prevention. Embrace strong bones with BonePep™.

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Explore LIVEON, an anti-aging solution packed with rich antioxidants for cell replenishment and age delay. Enzogenol, the patented key ingredient, safeguards cells from free radicals with its flavonoids and active compounds.

LIVEON’s powerful blend of SOD superoxide dismutase, Sirtmax black turmeric, grape seeds, vitamin C, and green tea fights inflammation and glycation, rejuvenating cells for a youthful look. Experience the scientifically-backed potency of LIVEON for radiant, age-defying outcomes.

  • Enzogenol (Pine Bark Extract): Potent antioxidant sourced from Pinus Radiata bark in New Zealand.
  • SOD Extramel (Superoxide Dismutase): Strong antioxidant that combats oxidative stress.
  • Puredia SeaBerry (Sea Buckthorn Extract): Sourced from the pristine Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known for its organic integrity and purity.
  • Sirtmax (Black Turmeric Extract): Natural antioxidant that neutralises free radicals and slows down the effects of ageing

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