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Welcome to the future
of VR community –
Metazonx !

Grab the first 1,000 lands, build your own Metazonx world!

Profit from World-Class Staking Pool & Innovative Design

We endeavour to create a platform that promises rewards in the shortest time without a huge chunk of investment. Add buildings with creative design to your owned lands and earn more rewards every day!

Up to 10,000 Unique Lands

Mint a land in the gripping metaverse that Metazonx offers and open up the door to passive incomes through your daily Zonx coin earnings!


Zonx is the only utility token used throughout Metazonx. Built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Zonx is a BEP-20 utility token that allows investors to access Metazonx for a variety of purposes; purchasing land, building, and avatar as well as trade and earn in the marketplace. Additionally the rewards will be in the form of Zonx token, and will be used mainly in the Metazonx ecosystem as the main currency of choice.

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