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Many of us face the same struggles when it comes to building financial security. Whether your finances are a temporary worry or continuous stress, always remember that you don’t have to face them alone.

M-Cash has solutions that can help you to solve your financial problems. We offer instant credit plans that promise speedy cash withdrawal with almost no restriction in place!

Paperless Mobile Application

Download our app and complete profile in 5 minutes.

No Deposit and Guarantor

Receive loan from home. So easy and trouble-free.

Approve Within Minutes

Get loan approved and withdraw cash in 30 minutes!

Effortless Management

Manage your loan without having to visit the office or make calls!

Interest-Free Loan

Zero interest, flexible tenure, and easy repayment options.

More Security Involved

Do not need to worry about the unethical use of paper documents.




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Who is eligible for M-Cash loan services?
Do I need a guarantor?
If my application is rejected, can I reapply?
How to make payments?
What happens if a borrower fails to pay on time?
How to make verification on a mobile phone?
How to change my mobile number?
Are you going to send me a repayment reminder?

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