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App Features


Mobile Prepaid

You enjoy the flexibility to top up your mobile phone with all service providers on the platform. You enjoy great deals and discounts top up with HOHnow. No more driving out to top up your mobile phone.

Game Credit

We know you are eager to continue your game, so we allow you to buy game credit with our apps. With a few clicks, you are good to go!

Utility Bills

We help save you hassle from queuing up and making your utility bills payments in the counter. Now, with HOHnow, you can pay all utility expenses and have the records with HOHnow.

Advanced Credit

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Why HOHnow

HOHnow is unique and it is the best mobile money apps that offers an end to end digital experience for our users.
With HOHnow, you can store, transfer and spend money from your smartphone.

Flexible Payment

Make online payments with HOHnow prepaid cards. Count on us to help you keep track of expenses.

Lifestyle Services

Enjoy hassle-free services while making mobile top-ups and game credits.

Financial Services

Receive advanced credit and pay your utility bills anytime and anywhere.

HOHnow Is Awesome!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

About Us

HOHnow is a fintech company with payment solutions that satisfy users’ needs in mobile top-up, bill payments, goverment services and insurance. The company was incorporated in March 2021 and it has revolutionised how people make payments. Now, our users can make all types of payments within our app as we have successfully created a unified app which aggregates all service providers.

With more than 10 products developed, we are still innovating our offerings to provide more options and flexibility for our users. HOHnow has also adopted referral reward system where users are awarded with a certain amount of cash when they refer our services to their peers and family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly visit our website at https://www.hohnow.com or download HOHnow app from Google Play Store.

Malaysian residents and foreigners who work or reside in Malaysia are welcome to apply for HOHnow Service as long as they are 18 years old and above. For foreigners, they will be required to provide details of their residential address in Malaysia.

There might be charges imposed by the top-up channel service provider, depending on the top-up channel you select.

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