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Why Hap2py?

Buyback Guarantee protects your investments

All loans offered for investment at Hap2py are secured by the Buyback Guarantee. It ensures that the loan originator will buy back the loans in the event when the borrower delays the payment for more than 60 days.

Earn higher returns

At Hap2py, you will find exclusive investment opportunities that are not available elsewhere. Historically, these investment opportunities have generated higher returns than other traditional asset classes — the average annual return of the loans offered at Hap2py is a minimum of 30%.

Fast, Simple and Transparent Registration Process

We welcome both private individuals and companies to become investors on our platform. The online sign-up process is convenient and typically takes less than 5 minutes. Plus, there aren't any hidden fees or charges for investing on Hap2py.

The First P2P Platform That Offers Personal Loans in Malaysia

With the launching of Hap2py, Malaysia welcomes the first innovative P2P platform in the country which offers aspiring individuals the opportunity to achieve their dreams through personal loans.

Investment With A Minimum Risk

By investing your money with Hap2py, you will never need to worry if your borrowers are going to default on their loans. Our appointed insurance company will ensure that you receive compensation on your investment capital if the borrowers fail to pay up their loans after a stipulated period of time.

About Us

Hap2py is an online investment platform that connects investors to alternative investment opportunities offered by a range of carefully selected lending partners.

Following its widely-reported establishment in Malaysia, Hap2py has come to represent the entry of Hap2py Penny and the innovative P2P financing model which it champions into Southeast Asia.

Long before the establishment of Hap2py, Hap2py Penny was born in 2019 out of the idea of a group of extraordinary senior investment...

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To develop the P2P economic model into a popular economic trend that can compete against or even overtake the traditional financing model, offered by conventional financial institutions such as banks, as the mainstream financial model in the global financial market.


To empower individuals financially through the P2P economic model and improve their overall living standards while encouraging entrepreneurship among the local communities.

Join thousands of investors and generate high annual return. Invest with buyback guarantee on your investments.

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