Hap2py P2P Invest, We Made It Safe

UK Verified Best P2P Investing Platform has officially launched in Malaysia.

Regulated by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)

Property market crashing?
Stocks & Crypto too fluctuating?
So many investment choices but all come
with glaring downsides?

Have excess funds to invest
but can’t find an investment option that
suits your criterias?

Feels difficult and impractical to
gain a huge amount in a short time?

We all know that investment is a huge market,
but how to choose the right investment project?


Not to mention that some projects can achieve an
annual return of 130%?

Solve Your Problem

Instead of researching projects, Let’s come to hap2py. We have a history of 10 years and have professional financial advisors serving you online.

Buyback Guarantee Protects Your Investments

All loans offered for investment are secured by the Buyback Guarantee.

Earn higher returns

Higher returns than other traditional assets classes – annual return of the loans offered at Hap2py is a minimum of 30%.

Fast, Simple & Transparent Registration Process

Enjoy seamless investing with our Auto Invest feature that allocates your portfolio based on your risk profile

Investment With A Minimum Risk

Our appointed insurance company will ensure that you receive compensation on your investment capital

The Best part of Hap2py is that we’re a automated investment that does not require you to spend too much time.

*All investment projects of hap2py are professionally screened.

Invest with a buyback guarantee on your investment.

What is the smartest way to Invest?

Our P2P Platform Performance

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Average Annual Return for Inverstors
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Well Diversified Portfolio Across Multiple Sectors

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by industry
  • Construction & Utilities
  • Services
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Agriculture
  • Business & Information
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Logistic & Warehousing
  • Safety & Security

Cumulative data as at 30 November 2022