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Invest Safely In A Protected Environment.

Betadia provides investors with a safe and secure system, and you can start investing in our various platforms at ease.

Ensure That Your Financial Capitals Are Free From Risks.

All investments carry more than 73% risk but Betadia is able to lower your financial risk to 62.8%.

Attractive Plans And Dividends Await You.

Betadia offers 10 different premium insurance plans for you to choose from. You can gain daily rewards by investing with us!

Learn About Financial Tips While You Invest.

Consider diversifying your investment plans and learn the correct financial tips from 18 expert leaders in the industry.

Friendly And Dedicated Customer Support Team.

Betadia believes that one of the vital rules in providing excellent customer service is to be friendly and helpful. Our skilled customer service team is ready to respond and provide 24/7 support to you.

Do you know how you can start your investment
at a significantly lower risk?

I’m sure you understand that risks are evolving in the current financial market and the prospect of losing your financial capitals is the worst nightmare to come. You need a digital insurance plan to protect your investment and our premium plans are proven to be safer. Start your investment journey as we want to invite you to join us. By making an investment with us, you can go to bed well-rested at night without worrying about lacking the money to accomplish your other goals in life.


Reduces the inherent investment risks.

Allows you to have more time and flexibility to focus on other projects.

Provides a user-friendly interface for you to easily trade and purchase our premium plans using our innovative built-in buttons and features.


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First-time investors


Investors who want to expand their investment


People who have extra cash


  • With the Betadia phone app, customers can keep track on the latest financial market updates on-the-go.
  • Apart from keeping track on global market insights, users can also carry out investment-related transactions without any hassle.
  • You can also get 60% revenue through Daily Personal Dividends when you follow Betadia’s rules.
  • You can manage all your Betadia insurance accounts in one mobile phone application.
  • The user-friendly features of the phone app allows you to understand how it works rather easily.



- Shopkeeper from Scotland
"I have always hesitated when it comes to investment but through Betadia I get to learn about investments and I am now investing with confidence. Thanks to Betadia."

Anthony Loh

- Accountant from Selangor
"I am glad that I found Betadia. It lets me concentrate on investing instead of worrying about losing my money."

Lim Seng Sun

- Entrepreneur from Hong Kong
"The award-winning Betadia will surely be my first choice when it comes to digital insurance as it offers full coverage for all my investment capitals."

Mark Joseph

- Senior Marketer
"Probably one of the best digital insurance plans I have purchased so far! I buy wealth enrich package for only £1,230 and there is no contract or lock period."


- University student
"If you are not sure which package to choose, I strongly recommend their Flexi 50 plan because you can get £50 daily dividend. There is no termination penalty which makes it easy for any new users to try em out."

Justin Rylan

- Freelancer
"10/10 top-notch customer service team! Their customer representative is soo patience in explaining all the different types of packages, some plans have been sold out but you can still get affordable premium plans such as Nex Plus for 120 days coverage period."

Loh Boon Cheng

- Retail Shop Executive from London
"The fact that Betadia doesn't tie me up with restrictive contracts prompted me to entrust my financial resources into it and I have since introduced it to my parents as well who are really amazed by how much I earn."

John Francesco

- Chief Architect from Birmingham UK
"After earning an additional income of USD325,000 per month, I instantly introduced it to my friends and family, many of whom have since joined me to earn a decent living without any financial worries."

Frank Luciano

- Public Relations Manager from Singapore
"If there is only one platform to invest in your whole lifetime, this is it! Before this I was in debt in credit cards and house loans but my earnings from Betadia amounting to USD600,000 per month has enabled me to pay off all of my debts and give my family a good life."


- Senior Business Consultant from France
"Starting off as an amateur investor, I was only able to earn a maximum of USD1000 per month but ever since I invested in Betadia, I have been able to earn USD225,000 within 2 weeks."


Have more questions before deciding to join Betadia?

How to get started?

Sign up as a new member and log in to the premiums platform to purchase your preferred premium plan. Follow our rules to place the investment and start enjoying daily profit return.

How many insurance premiums does Betadia provide?

We provide 4 categories of insurance premiums, these are:

Max Flexi

There are 4 packages under this category, these are Max Flexi 25, Max Flexi 50, Max Flexi 100 and Max Flexi 200 with minimum capitals starting from as low as £3,175 all the way to £25,400.

Max Flexi packages offer 50% of dividends to investors contract-free; thus, enabling them to deposit and withdraw as they prefer.

Max Plus

There are 6 packages under this category, these are Max Plus 25, Max Plus 50, Max Plus 100, Max Plus 200, Max Plus 400 and Max Plus 800 with minimum capitals starting from as low as £3,175 all the way to £101,600.

As a 4-month protection plan, Max Plus offers users 60% dividends in return.

Wealth Enrich

There are 7 packages under this category, these are Wealth Enrich 1, Wealth Enrich 5, Wealth Enrich 20, Wealth Enrich 50, Wealth Enrich 100, Wealth Enrich 200 and Wealth Enrich 400 with minimum investment amount starting from as low as £127 all the way to £50,800.

Suitable for new and experienced investors alike, Wealth Enrich offers users 60% of dividends contract-free

Wealth Enrich Plus

There are 7 packages under this category, these are Wealth Enrich 1 Plus, Wealth Enrich 5 Plus, Wealth Enrich 20 Plus, Wealth Enrich 50 Plus, Wealth Enrich 100 Plus, Wealth Enrich 200 Plus and Wealth Enrich 400 Plus with a minimum capital investment starting from as low as £127 all the way to £50,800.

As a 3-month protection plan, Wealth Enrich Plus offers users 70% dividends in return.

What is the benefit of an insurance premium?

When members purchase an insurance premium and are compliant to our investment regulations, their capital will be preserved. In short, their loss of capitals will be compensated in full through the insurance.

Any extra benefits for the insurance premium?

Members who follow the investment regulations will get to enjoy benefits, which include direct referral, daily team, mining pool and daily earning personal dividends.

How to get direct referral dividends?

You only need to recommend new members to join and purchase the insurance premium. As long as their account remains active for more than 30 days, you will get a monthly direct referral dividend.

For users insured by the Max Flexi packages who meet the conditions, their direct referral dividends will be disbursed to them every 90 days.

For users insured by the Max Plus packages who meet the conditions, their direct referral dividends, amounting to 10%, will be disbursed to them in a one-off payment.

For users insured by the Wealth Enrich packages who meet the conditions, their direct referral dividends will be disbursed to them every 30 days for a period of up to 6 months.

For users insured by the Wealth Enrich Plus packages who meet the conditions, 7% will be disbursed to upline users while 5% will be disbursed to downline users.

What are daily team dividends?

Daily team dividends refer to commissions. If your communities are active and their investments increase in value according to the investment regulations, you can expect to receive upline commissions.

What is the concept behind mining pool dividends?

Mining pool dividends are based on the concept of profit sharing. 30% of the dividends gained by the community will be shared with their upline.

Briefly describe daily earning personal dividends.

Daily earning personal dividends are defined as the 60% revenue which members gain from their income when they follow our rules.

E.g. If you have purchased a Flexi 50, then you are bound to gain a maximum dividend of $50 daily. 60% of your revenue will be rewarded to you while the rest will be evenly distributed to your upline.



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